Upcoming Events

Sorry folks, I cannot do "Grapefest" this year. In the past several years its been just too brutally hot. Vendors have to be at there booths from opening to closing. That means 14 hours a day outside . Hopefully everyone will have great weather this year.  Best of luck and success to all who put on "Grapefest" and to all vendors. I have been accepted at Mainstreet Fest on May 17,18,19, 2019. Come by and see us in downtown Grapevine.  I will keep you posted on my booth space and location.

My first show of the year will be a west Texas event in Stanton Texas at there "Old Sorehead Trade Days" on April 13,14.  I've been told by several people here in Lubbock that It's a great street festival.

Since this is the beginning of the year, i can only submit applications for 2019. Although I have been accepted at all of them in the past does not mean i will be accepted this year.  I will keep you posted on definite shows and events for this year.